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MI piace citare questa dichiarazione di speranza, sull'umanità e il pianeta, dall'ultimo libro di Stanislav Grof:

Healing Our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift, Kindle Edition, 2012

The task of imbuing humanity with an entirely different set of values and
goals might appear too unrealistic and utopian to offer any real hope.
Considering the paramount role of violence and greed in human history, the
possibility of transforming modern humanity into a species of individuals
capable of peaceful coexistence with their fellow men and women regardless
of race, color, and religious or political conviction, let alone with other
species, certainly does not seem very plausible.  We are facing the
necessity to instill humanity with profound ethical values, sensitivity to
the needs of others, acceptance of voluntary simplicity, and a sharp
awareness of ecological imperatives.  At first glance, such a task appears
too fantastic even for a science fiction movie.

However, although serious and critical, the situation might not be as
hopeless as it appears.  After more than fifty years of intensive study of
holotropic states of consciousness, I have come to the conclusion that the
theoretical concepts and practical approaches developed by transpersonal
psychology, a discipline that is trying to integrate spirituality with the
new paradigm emerging in Western science, could help alleviate the crisis
we are all facing.  These observations suggest that a radical
psychospiritual transformation of humanity is not only possible, but is
already underway. The question is only whether it can be sufficiently fast
and extensive to reverse the current self-destructive trend of modern

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